New Arundhati Roy novel announced

All at DGA are thrilled to share that Hamish Hamilton UK and Penguin India will be publishing THE MINISTRY OF UTMOST HAPPINESS by Arundhati Roy in June 2017. It is her first work of fiction since THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS, which won the Booker prize nineteen years ago in 1997.

 ©  Mayank Austen Soofi 2016

© Mayank Austen Soofi 2016

'I am glad to report that the mad souls (even the wicked ones) in THE MINISTRY OF UTMOST HAPPINESS have found a way into the world, and that I have found my publishers,' Arundhati said of the news.

In a joint statement, Simon Prosser of Hamish Hamilton and Meru Gokhale of Penguin India said, 'To publish this book is both a pleasure and an honour. What an incredible book it is—on multiple levels; one of the finest we have read in recent times.

The writing is extraordinary, and so too are the characters – brought to life with such generosity and empathy, in language of the utmost freshness, joyfully reminding us that words are alive too, that they can wake us up and lend us new ways of seeing, feeling, hearing, engaging. It makes the novel new – in the original meaning of novel.'

Her agent David Godwin said - 'Only Arundhati could have written this novel. Utterly original. It has been 20 years in the making. And well worth the wait.'

Happy Publication Day Lara Pawson

Wishing a very happy publication day to Lara Pawson, whose second book, This Is the Place to Be, goes out into the world today from independent publisher CB Editions.

We've been lucky enough to get our hands on some early reviews...

"Lara Pawson has already written a non-fiction book about Angola's violent history - the Orwell prize-longlisted In the Name of the People. This is something different, a memoir partly about her time reporting on the country's civil war for the BBC, and partly about her life before it and afterwards. It is fast-moving, fragmentary and often aggressively candid. Pawson tells her story in isolated paragraphs that come at you with opening lines like a boxer's best left hooks: "Because I've been mistaken for a man so often..."; "I'm tempted to delete that paragraph, but there's more." As an examination of the realities and ethics of war reporting, the book says much about what exposure to violence can do to people, about the kind of person who would seek such experience out, and about what turning away from it does to you. Above all, it challenges the reader to examine their own beliefs and decisions closely as Pawson has examined hers. Brilliant and uncompromising." Jonathan Gibbs, The Guardian

"Lara Pawson's This Is the Place to Be is a start, compassionate and troubling text that summons a fragmentary autobiography, circling experiences from her growing up in England and her time as a reporter covering civil wars in Angola and Ivory Coast. She deals with big questions through an intimate mosaic of lived experiences - the blank, funny, awful, gentle shards that remain in memory years after events have taken place - returning her again and again to the themes of identity, violence, race, class, sexuality and the everyday lives of people across several continents. 

The Simple form of the book belies a complex structure of association and contrast, point and counterpoint, in which the disconnected events of a life speak to and about each other across time and space, in illuminating ways. Reminiscent on a formal level to Edouard Leve's Autoportrait and the writing under constraint of Perec and the OuliPo group, Pawson's poetic recounting of facts also shares something of Kathy Acker and J. G. Ballard, in its attempt to write through both the extraordinary horror and extraordinary mundanity of trauma." - Tim Etchells. 

s a life? Lara Pawson’s lucid, sudden and subtle memoir unpicks the spirals of memory, politics, violence, to trace the boundaries and crossing points of gender and race identity.’ Joanna Walsh

‘A crushingly honest memoir of war, war correspondence and personal mayhem … Her focus is direct, bleakly honest, and as a result full of hope.’ - M John Harrison


Anthony Gottlieb in the New Yorker

If you missed the 5th September issue of the New Yorker magazine you won't have read this engrossing article on the role philosophy has played through history and the review of Anthony Gottlieb's "wondrously perceptive and exceptionally well-written" book, The Dream of Enlightenment. 

 Click to read the article, via  The New Yorker

Click to read the article, via The New Yorker

In The Dream of Enlightenment, Anthony Gottlieb vividly explains the rise of modern thought from Descartes to Rousseau

Western philosophy is now two and a half millennia old, but much of it came in just two staccato bursts, each lasting only about 150 years. In his landmark survey of Western philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance, The Dream of Reason, Anthony Gottlieb documented the first of these, which came in the Athens of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Now, in The Dream of Enlightenment, Gottlieb expertly navigates the second great explosion of thought, taking us to northern Europe in the wake of its wars of religion and the rise of Galilean science. In a relatively short period - from the early 1640s to the eve of the French Revolution - Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Locke, Leibniz, and Hume all made their mark.The Dream of Enlightenment tells their story and that of the birth of modern philosophy.

As Gottlieb explains, all these men were amateurs: none had much to do with any university. They tried to fathom the implications of the new science and of religious upheaval, which led them to question traditional teachings and attitudes. What does the advance of science entail for our understanding of ourselves and for our ideas of God? How should a government deal with religious diversity - and what is government actually for? Such questions remain our questions.

Yet it is because we still want to hear them that we can easily get these philosophers wrong. It is tempting to think they speak our language and live in our world; but to understand them properly, we must step back into their shoes. Gottlieb puts readers in the minds of these frequently misinterpreted figures, elucidating the history of their times while engagingly explaining their arguments and assessing their legacy. The Dream of Enlightenment creates a sweeping account of what they amounted to, and why we are still in their debt.

The Dream of Enlightenment and its predecessor, The Dream of Reason are published in the UK by Allen Lane. Translation rights are with DGA.

Happy Publication Day to Sarah Ward

Today we're wishing Sarah Ward a very happy publication day as she launches her second novel, A Deadly Thaw, into the world. The crime-thriller is the second in the Inspector Francis Sadler series, published by Faber & Faber.


'Gives the Scandi authors a run for their money.' Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

Every secret has consequences.

Autumn 2004
In Bampton, Derbyshire, Lena Fisher is arrested for suffocating her husband, Andrew.

Spring 2016
A year after Lena’s release from prison, Andrew is found dead in a disused mortuary.

Who was the man Lena killed twelve years ago, and who committed the second murder? When Lena disappears, her sister, Kat, sets out to follow a trail of clues delivered by a mysterious teenage boy. Kat must uncover the truth – before there’s another death . . .

A Deadly Thaw confirms Sarah Ward’s place as one of the most exciting new crime writers.

Keep up to date with all of Sarah's news via Twitter - @SarahWard1

4th Estate to publish Postcard from the Past


We're thrilled to share that 4th Estate has bought ‘Postcard from the Past’ by Tom Jackson from Kirsty McLachlan here at DGA. 

Created by postcard collector Tom Jackson, the Postcard from the Past Twitter account offers a feed of images of vintage postcards paired with a quote from the message written on the back. The interplay between the images and words has a wonderfully wistful, nostalgic effect, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the people who wrote the cards, and cumulatively, the project forms a kind of alternate social history. It has been called ‘lovely’ by Mark Haddon, ‘sad and sweet’ by Holly Walsh and ‘a masterclass in dialogue writing’ by Jason Hazely, author of the Adult Ladybird series.

Tom Jackson says: ‘It’s been pleasing and exciting to see just how quickly so many people have taken the cards and their messages to heart. Working with 4th Estate for a Postcard From The Past book was an easy decision for me - Tom Killingbeck and the team really got the concept and its eccentric possibilities. I’m confident that together we’ll make a beautiful, odd, funny and successful book.’

Tom Killingbeck, Publishing Executive at 4th Estate says : ‘Postcard from the Past’ is that rare thing – a cult online phenomenon which will work even better in book form. Tom’s curatorial eye is exceptional, and the quotations he finds in his postcard collection are by turn hilarious, mysterious and moving. There’s a true art to what he does, and I can’t wait to introduce his work to readers who loved Letters of Note and Very British Problems next summer.’

Rights secured are UK and Commonwealth excl. Canada and audio. Publication is scheduled for June 2017. 

Happy Publication Day Simone Lia

Wishing a very happy publication day to Simone Lia, whose brilliant children's book, They Didn't Teach Us THIS in Worm School is published today by Walker Books!

A buddy comedy featuring a worm and a chicken-like bird that will have readers wriggling with laughter.

Marcus is a worm. Laurence is a bird that looks like a chicken. Laurence wants to gobble up Marcus for breakfast, but the worm surprises him with "Good morning!" Marcus tries to keep the conversation going, and it goes in a very unexpected direction: Laurence seems to think he's a flamingo (he's definitely NOT), and Marcus soon finds himself on a journey to Africa, where Laurence believes he can finally be happy. A tale of high adventure, wily tricks and unlikely friendship, beloved comic artist Simone Lia has created a comedy classic that will have readers wriggling with laughter.

Award-winning comic artist Simone Lia began painting and drawing in her dad's tool shed at the age of 13 before going on to study at the University of Brighton and then the Royal College of Art. She has written comic strips for children and adults for numerous publications including The Observer with "Things That I've Learnt", "The Chip and Bean Quiz" in The Independent on Sunday and "Sausage and Carrots" in The DFC. She has also published graphic novels Fluffy and Please God, Find Me a Husband. Her work has been exhibited across Europe, including the Tate Britain. Simone lives and works in London.

Follow Simone on Twitter for all of her latest news - @simoneliadraws and read more about her on her beautiful website -

Great reviews for Miranda Sawyer's 'Out of Time'

Out of Time Cover.jpg

Out of Time: Midlife, If You Still Think You're Young, Miranda Sawyer's very modern look at the midlife crisis has been receiving some wonderful reviews since it was recently published by Fourth Estate.

‘A straight-talking handbook for those of us who believe we're still at our peak in middle age but need a few honest signposts’ Viv Albertine

‘I spent a lot of time nodding along in agreement to this book as if it was my favourite record’ Jeremy Deller

‘Sawyer is at her best articulating with honesty the angst many of this generation feel about getting older… the Morrissey of her journalistic generation’ Sunday Times

* * *

‘You wake one day and everything is wrong. It's as though you went out one warm evening – an evening fizzing with delicious potential, so ripe and sticky-sweet you can taste it on the air – for just one drink … and woke up two days later in a skip. Except you're not in a skip, you're in an estate car, on the way to an out-of-town shopping mall to buy a balance bike, a roof rack and some stackable storage boxes.’

Miranda Sawyer’s midlife crisis began when she was 44. It wasn't a traditional one. She didn't run off with a Pilates teacher, or blow thousands on a trip to find herself. From the outside, all remained the same. Work, kids, marriage, mortgage, blah. Days, weeks and months whizzed past as she struggled with feeling – knowing – that she was over halfway through her life. It seemed only yesterday that she was 29, out and about.

Out of Time is not a self-help book. It’s an exploration of this sudden crisis, this jolt. It looks at how our tastes, and our bodies, change as we get older. It considers the unexpected new pleasures that the second half of life can offer, from learning to code to taking up running (slowly). Speaking to musicians and artists, friends and colleagues, Miranda asks how they too have confronted midlife, and the lessons, if any, that they've learned along the way.

Keep up with Miranda's news on Twitter, here - @msmirandasawyer

Katherine Frank's 'In the Silence of the Heart' sells internationally

We are thrilled to announce that Katherine Frank’s In the Silence of the Heart: A Biography of Suicide has been picked up internationally. Translation rights have been sold to De Arbeiderspers (Holland), Hanser Verlag (Germany) and Guanda (Italy) by Lisette Verhagen of Susanna Lea Associates.

Katherine Frank lost her husband to suicide, a few decades later she attempts suicide herself. Having carried out extensive research on the topic, she is writing this, a definitive work on suicide. Combining this research with her personal account, In the Silence of the Heart will attempt to answer the sensitive question; why do people take their own lives? It will speak volumes to anyone who has been affected by the trauma of suicide and will appeal to readers of Siddhartha Mukherjee, David Foster Wallace, Sally Brampton, and Paul Kalanithi.

Arabella Pike at HarperCollins who will publish the book in the UK says:

‘I am thrilled and very proud to be publishing Katherine Frank’s mighty and important book In the Silence of the Heart: A Biography of Suicide. The book shares the scope of Siddartha Mukherjee’s Emperor of All Maladies as well as the emotional power and restraint of William Styron’s Darkness Visible, Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive or Kate Gross’s Late Fragments. Whilst Frank’s book is inspired by personal experience, the book is very much a biography of this controversial and much-misunderstood subject. She will draw upon her immense scholarship and thinking over decades to explore the phenomenon of those who choose the time of their own death. It is a subject that will never not be relevant.’

Happy Publication Day to Isabel Buchanan

A very happy publication day to Isabel Buchanan! Her debut non-fiction book, Trials: On Death Row in Pakistan is in bookshops from today, published by Jonathan Cape. 

In 2011, Isabel Buchanan, a twenty-three-year-old Scottish lawyer, moved to Pakistan to work in a new legal chambers in Lahore. The chambers was run by a determined thirty-three-year-old Pakistani lawyer, Sarah Belal, who had finally found her calling in defending inmates on Pakistan’s death row.

Belal and Buchanan struck up an unlikely friendship, forged through working in a system that was instinctively hostile to newcomers – and doubly so if they were female. At Sarah’s side, and with the help of Nasar, the firm’s legendary clerk, Buchanan plunged into the strange and complex world of Pakistan’s justice system. The work was arduous, underfunded, and dangerous. But for a young Scottish lawyer like Buchanan it was an unparalleled education, offering a window onto a much-misunderstood country and culture. Filled with beautifully drawn characters – from blasphemers reading Richard Dawkins in Karachi to Pakistani shepherds caught up in the US war on terror – she creates a narrative brimming with ideas and bursting with humanity. It is a story of Pakistan, but it is also a universal story of the pursuit of justice in an uncertain world.

"This is far more than simply a memoir of one person's work in Pakistan - it is a deft, alert, moving, beautifully expressed and profound reflection on culture, politics, and the individual's experience of the law. I would recommend it to anyone." Rory Stewart

Pick up a copy of Isabel's book in all reputable book shops, or buy online here.

Happy Publication Day to Marcus Sedgwick

Happy Publication Day to Marcus Sedgwick whose novel, Mister Memory, is released into the world today by Hodder and Stoughton imprint, Mulholland Books. Congratulations Marcus!

In Paris, at the end of the nineteenth century, a man with a perfect memory murders his wife. But that is only the start of the story... A dazzling literary mystery from prizewinning author Marcus Sedgwick.

Paris, 1899. Marcel Després is arrested for the murder of his wife and transferred to the famous Salpêtrière asylum. And there the story might have stopped.

But the doctor assigned to his care soon realises this is no ordinary patient: Marcel Després, Mister Memory, is a man who cannot forget. And the policeman assigned to his case soon realises that something else is at stake: for why else would the criminal have been hurried off to hospital, and why are his superiors so keen for the whole affair to be closed?

This crime involves something bigger and stranger than a lovers' fight - something with links to the highest and lowest establishments in France. The policeman and the doctor between them must unravel the mystery... but the answers lie inside Marcel's head. And how can he tell what is significant when he remembers every detail of every moment of his entire life?

For fans of Scarlett Thomas, Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Patrick Suskind, this is a captivating literary mystery about memory, history and fate.

Keep up to date with all of Marcus' news on Twitter - @marcussedgwick

Simon & Schuster to publish Ross Brawn & Adam Parr's 'Total Competiton'

Simon & Schuster is to publish Total Competition, a "unique and revealing insight" into motorsport by Ross Brawn and Adam Parr, in November.

Ian Marshall, editorial director non-fiction at Simon & Schuster, acquired world rights to Total Competition from David Godwin of DGA.

In the book, Brawn, the "most successful technical director and team principal in Formula One history", and Parr, the former chief executive and chairman of the Williams F1 team, unveil the strategies Brawn employed to deliver 24 world championship titles for his cars and drivers while working with Williams, Jaguar, Benetton, Ferrari, Honda, Brawn and Mercedes.

Marshall said: "We are absolutely thrilled to be publishing this book. Ross Brawn and Adam Parr have combined to give readers an unprecedented and totally fascinating account of Formula One. As with Alex Ferguson’s Leading (Hodder) or Alastair Campbell’s Winners and How They Succeed (Arrow), there are lessons here for anyone who wants to learn from someone who has achieved at the highest level."

Brawn said: "I have been lucky enough to work with some great people and teams during 36 years in Formula One. Together we achieved a lot. We also had some serious setbacks. In this book, Adam and I discuss what happened and what made the difference between success and failure. It was at times a difficult experience, but it has helped me to see how I worked, what worked well and what I might have done differently. I hope that it will be of interest to anyone who is fascinated by the intensely competitive world of Formula One."

Parr added: "During my time in Formula One, I encountered no one like Ross Brawn: a fearsome competitor but also someone you could not help admiring and liking. I watched with fascination as Ross returned to the sport in 2008, bought out the Honda team, won the double world championship with Jenson Button in 2009 – and then turned round and sold the team to Mercedes, building it into the dominant competitor it is today. And these were just the last of 24 world titles achieved over nearly four decades in Formula One, Le Mans and beyond. I wanted to explore how Ross had achieved so much, so we sat down and analysed it. Ross was brutally honest. From our discussion, we draw some conclusions that, I think, will interest people way beyond Formula One."

The book will be published on 3rd November 2016 to coincide with the climax of this year’s Formula One season.

Review: The Outside Lands by Hannah Kohler

The Financial Times' 'Summer Reading 2016' highlighted a huge variation of exciting reads for our summer suitcases. Lionel Shriver, bestselling author of The Mandibles and We Need to Talk About Kevin, selected DGA's very own Hannah Kohler, whose debut novel The Outside Lands had struck a chord: - 

‘There’s an arbitrariness to choosing any “best” book, but I’d nominate Hannah Kohler’s debut novel The Outside Lands (Picador) as the “most surprising” 2016 release that I’ve encountered so far. In this Vietnam-era story, a California family is imploded first by private tragedy, then by the war itself. Yet the author is a Brit writing about a time before she was born. You’d never know it. Her ear for American dialogue is flawless, her historical details spot on. The quality of the writing, too, is astonishing. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to re-enter the 1960s of my youth, but Kohler won me over. Should you feel a similar resistance to this oft-visited subject matter, get over it.’ 

Buy The Outside Lands by Hannah Kohler here and keep up to date with Hannah's news on Twitter - @hannahkohler

Review: Sidney Chambers & the Dangers of Temptation by James Runcie

The fifth in James Runcie's popular Grantchester-based crime series, Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation has been receiving great reviews: -

The Times - 2nd July 2016

With the advantage of being the son of an Archbishop of Canterbury, James Runcie has created, in Sidney Chambers, a beguiling priest whose ecclesiastical calling in Grantchester seems to include frequent forays into amateur detection, helping to solve crimes from murders to petty thefts. As with his predecessor, GK Chesterton's Father Brown, there is often a moral message in his investigations and conclusions. The Dangers of Temptation - which contains six stories - is the fifth in the Grantchester Mysteries, taking Chambers into the late 1960s, and even to a Pink Floyd concert. Beautifully written, immaculate in its descriptions of bygone England and affectionate, but not soppy, to its characters.

Catch up on earlier titles and grab a copy of James Runcie's latest via Bloomsbury and keep up with all of James' news on Twitter - @James_Runcie

Cover reveal: Charlotte Salter's 'The Bone Snatcher'

We're so excited to reveal the absolutely gorgeous cover for Charlotte Salter's debut middle grade novel from Dial Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin Group USA. The book is set to be published in February 2017.

Murder, madness, and sea monsters combine in this thrilling and atmospheric middle grade debut perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman, Lemony Snicket, and Tim Burton.

Sophie Seacove is a storyteller. She tells stories of what the world would be like if madness hadn’t taken over. If her parents hadn’t sold her off as a servant to pay for their stupid vacation. If she wasn’t now trapped in a decaying mansion filled with creepy people and surrounded by ravenous sea monsters.

The mansion has plenty of stories, too: About fantastical machines, and the tragic inventor who created them. About his highly suspicious death.  And about the Monster Box, a mysterious object hidden in the house that just might hold the key to escaping this horrible place—and to reuniting Sophie with her family.

But not everyone wants Sophie to have the Monster Box, and as she gets closer to finding it, she finds herself unspooling years-old secrets—and dodging dangerous attacks. Sophie needs to use her brains, her brawn, and her unbreakable nature if she wants to make it off this wretched island…and live to tell this story.

Keep up to date with Charlotte's news on Twitter - @CeSalter

Happy Publication Day to Julia Shaw

Wishing a very happy publication day to Dr Julia Shaw, whose debut non-fiction book, The Memory Illusion, is published today by Random House Books. 

Think you have a good memory? Think again.

Memories are our most cherished possessions. We rely on them every day of our lives. They make us who we are. And yet the truth is they are far from being the accurate record of the past we like to think they are. True, we can all admit to having suffered occasional memory lapses, such as entering a room and immediately forgetting why, or suddenly being unable to recall the name of someone we've met dozens of times. But what if our minds have the potential for more profound errors, that enable the manipulation or even outright fabrication of our memories?

In The Memory Illusion, forensic psychologist and memory expert Dr Julia Shaw uses the latest research to show the astonishing variety of ways in which our brains can indeed be led astray. She shows why we can sometimes misappropriate other people's memories, subsequently believing them to be our own. She explains how police officers can imprison an innocent man for life on the basis of many denials and just one confession. She demonstrates the way radically false memories can be deliberately implanted, leading people to believe they had tea with Prince Charles, or committed crimes that never happened. And she reveals how, in spite of all this, we can improve our memory through simple awareness of its fallibility.

Fascinating and unnerving in equal measure, The Memory Illusion offers a unique insight into the human brain, challenging you to question how much you can ever truly know about yourself.

The Memory Illusion is set to be published in 11 more territories. Keep up to date with Julia's news by following her on Twitter - @drjuliashaw - @memoryillusion

Buy the book today!


Tim O'Grady's 'CHILDREN OF LAS VEGAS' Nears Publication

Tim O'Grady's brilliant book, Children of Las Vegas is set to be published this week and along with it come a host of events, and you're all invited. 

Children of Las Vegas collects together 10 stories about growing up in the world's playground, illustrating the best and the worst of the city. We hear of the city's hustler spirit from Nevada, son of a casino owner, and of the strain the glimmering lights put on family ties from Alesha, a childcare worker. All the stories are accompanied by images by photographer and long-time collaborator, Steve Pyke. 

17th June - Book Launch : Burley Fisher Books

Come along for a reading from Tim O'Grady plus a Q&A. £3. A glass of wine included. 

7-9pm at Burley Fisher Books, 400 Kingsland Road, London, E8 3FG


19th June - I Could Read The Sky

As part of The Immigrants of Spitalfields Festival, Gareth Evans will be in conversation with writerTimothy O'Grady about the film based upon his photographic novel I Could Read the Sky.

I Could Read the Sky
Nichola Bruce
1999 | 86 min | Colour | 35mm
Introduced by Timothy O'Grady

A film about music, madness memory, love and loss, a haunting story of immigration, I Could Read the Sky is adapted from the photographic novel of the same name. It is the moving story of an old man living in a bedsit in London, remembering his life, growing up on the West Coast of Ireland, and his journey to London. The film unravels the strange twisting drama of a working man’s life. It moves from a decaying rural past to a vividly modern present, driven by a dynamic music soundtrack that draws from both, and a simple flowing lyrical storytelling. The film gets to the essence of how we remember, from behind closed eyes, with its abstractions of light and form and sudden moments of precise clarity, taking us on an inward, visually extraordinary labyrinthine journey to the film’s end. It stars the acclaimed late Irish writer Dermot Healy.

Tickets: £12 / £10 conc. / £8 Close-Up members
Box Office: 02037847975


19th June - Children of Las Vegas - Tim O'Grady introduced by Gareth Evans, film curator at the Whitechapel Gallery

“People come to Las Vegas to blow off steam and then go. But I’m stuck here. When I see the city lights I think of all the parts they don’t shine on. I think I’m living there, in those parts. The shadows pull you under.”

After a film showing up the road at Close Up, award winning author Timothy O'Grady will come to us at the bookshop to talk about his new book, 'Children of Las Vegas'. 

Thirty-seven million people visit Las Vegas every year. It's a city that offers to fulfil all your desires, without any repercussions. Timothy O'Grady asks what happens to the people who have to grow up there?

This book tells the stories of ten children, interspersed with short essays about the city and portraits by highly acclaimed photographer Steve Pyke.

You can read more about the author here, here and here.

This event is free, but please rsvp to if you'd like to come.

Sunday, June 19th, 7pm -  Brick Lane Bookshop




Charlotte Salter to be published by Dial

Charlotte Salter pic smaller.png

Stacey Friedberg at Dial has acquired Charlotte Salter's middle grade novel, tentatively titled Granmos.

Kestrel lives in a forest that is crawling with dangerous beasts, and her powerful spell-casting mother has tasked her with hunting them down. But as her own personal monster gets closer and closer to attacking and eating her, Kestrel learns that nothing in this forest is what it seems – including her mother's true motivations.

Publication is scheduled for spring 2018; Allison Hellegers of Rights People brokered world English rights on behalf of Kirsty McLachlan at DGA.

Congratulations Charlotte! Keep up with all her news on Twitter - @CeSalter

Jennifer Killick to be published by Firefly Press

We're thrilled to share that rights in Jennifer Killick's novel, Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink have sold to children's and YA publisher, Firefly Press. Congratulations Jennifer!


Alex Sparrow is a super-agent in training, he is also a human lie-detector. Working with Jess – who can communicate with animals – they must find out why their friends – and enemies – are all changing into polite and well behaved pupils. And exactly who is behind it all. ALEX SPARROW is a funny, mid-grade novel full of farts, jokes and super hero references. Oh, and a rather clever goldfish called Bob. In a world where kids’ flaws and peculiarities are being erased out of existence, Alex and Jess must rely on what makes them different to save the day.

Firefly have bought UK and British Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada). 

Keep up to date with Jennifer - follow her on Twitter, @JenniferKillick